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Mellon Capital.
Global. Insightful. Engaged.

For over 30 years, Mellon Capital has been widely recognized as a pioneer in applying modern portfolio and capital market theory to the investment process. Our intellectual curiosity drives us. Your challenges compel us. Together we create solutions.

1. Mellon Capital's AUM includes assets managed in overlay strategies ($3.9 billion) and includes assets managed as dual employees of the Dreyfus Corporation and as dual officers of The Bank of New York Mellon.

Current Thought Leadership

Mellon Capital investment professionals publish a variety of papers—ranging from commentaries on current economic trends in the marketplace, to extensive research perspectives on strategy frameworks and leading investment concepts.

Mellon Capital’s Legacy

Mellon Capital’s legacy was built on a foundation of innovation and overcoming challenges to bring revolutionary solutions to clients. Today, Mellon Capital is a global firm, with over $300 billion in AUM and nearly 500 employees, offering clients active, beta, and indexing solutions.
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