Discover an innovative approach designed to provide liquid, cost effective high yield exposure.

Our High Yield Beta Strategy is designed to produce competitive performance versus both active high-yield managers and passive options.

The strategy takes advantage of ETF liquidity to help minimize the high costs of trading in what is generally an illiquid asset class. Three decades of beta experience drive our consistent, risk-controlled approach.

Our latest white paper explores how evolving bond markets can offer cheaper, more liquid access to those who know where to look.

One versatile strategy can play three distinct roles
Whether you view high yield from a core-satellite, passive, or tactical perspective, you're likely focused on the bottom line. Is it liquid? Does it track the benchmark consistently? How do investors seeking beta exposure ensure they're paying for beta, versus active?

Three Roles Infographic
Explore high yield bond market evolution


Learn how to reduce high yield t-costs


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